We enable you to exceed customer expectations through Web self-service simply and quickly while achieving fast ROI.

Enabling customers to serve themselves has become the norm. More and more, people expect to communicate with you through multiple channels – and demand ever faster results. We make it simple.


Reducing calls and emails into your contact centre by 70% more than lightens the load but our solution goes beyond simply answering questions.

  • reduced training times
  • increased efficiencies
  • greater customer insight
  • instant news syndication


Interacting with social media conversations is now an essential part of everyone's customer service strategies.

We'll integrate your customer services with whichever social media solution works for you.

Tailor-made, flexible and easy to implement - means you can fully embrace social media.

Search Engine

No other Web self-service provider offers the same depth of SEO.

Customers expect complex queries and deep searches for content on your Web site to work.

Simple to install, our powerful SEO engine makes your entire knowledgebase search engine friendly.

The fact that 50,000 questions are now answered every month by Transversal’s Solution shows that customers, staff and travel agents are getting value from the flexibility and ease of use it brings.

Giles Hawke Sales and Customer Services Director Carnival UK

It used to take three weeks to train an agent to be on the phone. It now takes eight days.

Sharon Millard Customer Contact Manager Mothercare