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Decision framework for choosing a knowledge solution

This is the fifth post in our guest blog series by Esteban Kolsky of ThinkJar. 

The emergence of knowledge automation

This is the fourth post in our guest blog series by Esteban Kolsky of thinkJar

Augmented knowledge as a discipline

Knowledge seldom is the entire answer. There are three components to generating the right information, to get to the right answer: knowledge, content, and data. 

Five stages of value for artificial intelligence

This is the second post in our guest blog series by Esteban Kolsky of thinkJar.

Augmenting knowledge management with artificial intelligence

Augmenting knowledge management with artificial intelligence

KM to automation: the changing face of knowledge

Recently, industry analyst Forrester assessed a range of customer service technologies.

The AI mix – why knowledge is the essential ingredient

Empower your knowledge workers to develop a “corporate memory.”

Transforming business through knowledge automation

Modern business is global, multilingual, scaled, outsourced and diffused. Where – or if – it has its centre can be difficult to see. Yet business’ essential relationship remains that between the organization and its customer, a relationship that must convey immediacy and even intimacy regardless of the distances involved. How do organizations reconcile the often decentralized nature of their operations with responsive customer service?

There’s nothing artificial about our intelligence

Since the dawn of the digital computing age, mankind has been fascinated by the concept of artificial intelligence. In the twenty-first century, AI has become a part of everyday life, but perhaps not in the way the pioneers of science (and science fiction) imagined.

Thanks for the memories!

Any organization is a living, breathing thing. It has a variety of moving parts. It expands and contracts over time. It has an identity and it has a memory. Like the best of us, this memory can fade over time – unless we record it somewhere.