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Connecting people to knowledge

Get to know a bit more about Verint Transversal and the team of people behind the leading provider of knowledge solutions for the cloud.

Knowledge is the source of wealth. Applied to tasks we already know, it becomes productivity. Applied to tasks that are new, it becomes innovation. Peter Drucker

We are a knowledge company

We believe there is a more innovative way for people to find, share and manage their collective knowledge. Verint Transversal is the pioneer and leading provider of cognitive knowledge solutions for the cloud. We have developed the world’s most advanced cognitive knowledge platform and a new generation of knowledge solutions. Self-service is more intuitive, front office applications are more intelligent and managing knowledge has never been easier. This is the future of knowledge.

Our heritage

Founded in 1998  by Cambridge University researchers Dr. Davin Yap and Sir David MacKay, Verint Transversal focused on the simple idea of how to make it easier for businesses to answer customers' questions. Nearly two decades later, our solutions are deployed at over one hundred blue-chip companies, providing mission critical answers to customers across the globe.

Our solutions have evolved with the experience and input from our customers, partners and employees who rely on our software every day. Our focus on understanding the true meaning behind people's questions has allowed us to build a knowledge solution which delivers results that others can't.

Our mission

At Verint Transversal our mission is to connect people to knowledge. We provide intuitive, cognitive knowledge solutions – minimizing the effort required for people to find, consume and share what they know.

Verint Transversal's guiding principles

  • Be passionate and committed.
  • Obsess over customers, not competitors.
  • Defy conventions - always think BIG.
  • Express the will to be awesome.
  • Keep calm and embrace the weird.
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Our greatest assets

Transversal team

Brilliant people

Our greatest asset and the key to our success is our people. We believe in a culture that encourages creativity, inspiration, and a sense of pride for all our employees. 

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Innovative clients

Verint Transversal is proud to have some of the world’s most innovative companies as our customers. Let us show you how we help top brands put the extra into ordinary.


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Intelligent products

Using modern technologies to naturally extend human expertise we have pioneered smarter, simpler and more powerful cognitive knowledge solutions.

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