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Insights from the Verint Transversal team into our products, technology and culture, as well as best practice guidelines and useful advice on the wider knowledge ecosystem. Never miss a post - subscribe to our blog via RSS!

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Top 5 KM

5 Ways Knowledge Management Improves CX

Published on: 01/09/2020

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The Comprehensive Guide to Reducing Average Handle Time (AHT)

Published on: 09/07/2020

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Call deflection

How to automate call deflection quickly in a crisis

Published on: 09/06/2020

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Telecoms, connect to knowledge when the customer calls

Published on: 27/06/2019

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automotive blog

Knowledge automation for a smooth customer journey

Published on: 18/06/2019

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Blog 6

Seven lessons learned about knowledge management

Published on: 12/06/2019

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Utilities: why knowledge underpins customer retention and market position

Published on: 16/05/2019

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finance district

Why are insurance companies prioritising their knowledge strategies?

Published on: 24/04/2019

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Decision Framework

Decision framework for choosing a knowledge solution

Published on: 29/03/2019

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Knowledge helps banks deliver service and compliance

Published on: 18/03/2019

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