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Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) appoints Transversal to deliver a new information, support and advice service

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) appoints Transversal to deliver a new information, support and advice service

Transversal has been appointed by RNIB, the leading charity for people with sight loss, to implement a new web self-service solution, offering improved online access to information, support and advice services.

The Transversal system will allow users of to search for answers to their questions and related information, quickly and easily, using conversational language which returns the right results to questions each and every time. By implementing ‘Ask RNIB’ using self-service technology, RNIB provides a new, easy and fully accessible way for people to find out all the information that they might need, at a time that suits them. 

Accessibility and ease of use were naturally top of the agenda for RNIB. As such, Transversal has implemented the solution using responsive design techniques, meaning that web pages are displayed appropriately, no matter which device they are being accessed through. In addition, the solution has been implemented based on accessibility best practice, including being screen-reader friendly. All of Transversal’s solutions adhere to accessibility best practice as standard and the addition of a responsive design means the site is accessible on a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. 

“We serve a huge number of people online, many of whom are blind or partially sighted, so for this new website accessibility and user experience were a priority,” said Andy Barrick, Head of Membership and Information Services at RNIB. He added: “We're the UK's leading sight loss charity and the demand for the vital information and advice we provide is always growing. In addition, we're mindful of the rate of technology advancement and the potential that brings us to reach more customers, and we're particularly aware of the positive impact some smartphones have had for many blind and partially sighted people. Implementing the Transversal solution not only allows us to ensure a high quality and consistent user experience, but we are also safe in the knowledge that the site is suitable for a broad range of devices.”

Sharon King-Livesey, Head of Marketing at Transversal, added: “The multiple ways people contact organizations to access information and advice are rapidly evolving. Organizations that facilitate ease of access and offer online help pages that are all-screen friendly are cementing their relationships with users because of the positive user experience they are providing; in turn resulting in future engagement. Companies getting it right are pulling ahead and are seeing immense rewards, both in terms of insight and engagement.”

The Transversal solution went live in August.