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Transversal and Wonnova team up to drive higher levels of engagement from contact centre agents and employees

Transversal and Wonnova team up to drive higher levels of engagement from contact centre agents and employees

Applying gaming techniques to improve knowledge and business strategy

Transversal, the company behind Prescience™ technology and the leading provider of knowledge solutions, has today announced a technology partnership with Wonnova, specialists in gamification. The new collaboration will provide organizations in the UK with the opportunity to adopt an emerging technique that has already started to radically change the way contact centre agents and employees interact with customers in the US.

Used to describe the application of game techniques in non-gaming environments, gamification offers a powerful way to heighten engagement amongst a company’s users – contact centre agents in the case of Transversal’s clients – which builds loyalty and could ultimately increase sales.

Michael Aston, CTO at Transversal commented that, “Partnering with Wonnova enables us to channel our best practices in creating an effortless customer experience and apply it to agents in contact centres. All organizations have an appetite to improve the knowledge they capture from their agents and by successfully motivating them with gamification, the result is improved knowledge across the enterprise.

By appealing to the competitive nature of contact centre agents and employees, gamification elevates the traditional ‘leader board’ system into an experience which is motivating, fun and encourages comradeship. The best employees are recognized and rewarded for their contributions through kudos, which in turn improves knowledge through an active ecosystem.

Jose Angel Cano, CEO at Wonnova said, “We offer a completely customizable platform that can be adapted based on an organization’s own business strategy. Partnership with Transversal allows us to generate engagement in the very competitive environment of contact centres, where improving results is a continuous challenge.

Wonnova is an easy-to-implement technological solution that makes it possible to use gamification right away to help businesses build loyalty, motivate and generate engagement with their customers and employees.