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New Product Manager joins Transversal

New Product Manager joins Transversal

We’re delighted to welcome John Au to Team Transversal. John joins the CEO team as product manager. He will be responsible for guiding our overall product-market strategy, and ensuring product development meets the evolving needs of both our clients and our business.

John has extensive background in product management. For eight years he worked in the pay TV industry, implementing product roadmaps and go-to-market strategies for next-generation pay TV technologies. He has also led product management in developing APIs for software used in pharmaceutical clinical trials and the healthcare industry.

Passionately interested in natural-language processing and machine learning, John came to Transversal because of its reputation in transforming knowledge management through cognitive technology. His goal is for Transversal to lead the market in a transformational leap of managing knowledge. John is especially keen to foster human-centric approaches to digital knowledge management, ensuring cognitive technologies meet human needs and that knowledge retrieval is filtered through user experience.

John holds a Master’s degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

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