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Transversal’s Client Summit 2018

Transversal’s Client Summit 2018

Transversal clients enjoyed a day sharing their experiences of knowledge transformation at our annual summit. The event, held this year in London on 2 February, welcomed delegates from financial services, retail, utilities, automotive, gaming, charities and the public sector.

Speakers included:

  • Heather Richards, CEO of Transversal
  • Charlie Ferris, Head of Customer Service at Utility Warehouse
  • Brian Hay, Head of Learning and Development at Utility Warehouse
  • Lee Beardmore, CTO of Capgemini
  • Lewis Curley, HR Technology Lead at Deloitte
  • Jacqui Benbow, HR Knowledge Management Lead at Deloitte
  • Suzanne Gray, General Manager of Group Customer Strategy at BMW.

Sharon King-Livesey, Head of Global Marketing at Transversal, directed and chaired the event.
"Sharon King-Livesey held the platform brilliantly." Editorial Director, Engage Business Media.

Transversal staff presented the latest developments from our “lab”: cutting-edge techniques and technologies for taking knowledge solutions to the next level. Panels rounding up each session provided the opportunity for delegates to ask questions and comment on the issues raised.

“Our business is about sharing, learning and collaboration,” said Heather Richards, “so this kind of event particularly resonates for us. Often, organizations need to research, experiment, and find out what works in different situations before their knowledge solution reaches full potential. Sharing with others who’ve met similar challenges can be a real aid in that process.”

"Our business is about sharing, learning and collaboration."

Heather Richards, CEO, Transversal 

Customer summit 2018

Common themes emerged from several of the presentations. One was the importance of knowledge automation in creating a “single source of truth” across an organization. As Utility Warehouse put it, customer service agents need to know the truth, not just think they know it. Centralized knowledge provides one, verified source of answers that ensures everyone is on the same page. Capgemini stressed the value of this central source to BPOs, which often have dispersed and fluid workforces. 

Keeping knowledge fresh was another shared theme. Speaker after speaker emphasized that creating a repository of knowledge is not enough. Organizations must implement processes for reviewing their content, reading feedback and ensuring the knowledgebase meets the real needs of users. Making knowledge “document centric”, rather than delivering information in a form users can easily absorb, was agreed to be a common mistake. Speakers also emphasized that knowledge automation should keep up with changes in technology, especially since those are increasingly driven by consumers.

A new feature of the summit was informal, one-to-one chats between delegates over coffee and lunch. Clients volunteered to participate and selected whom they wished to meet, while Transversal arranged match-ups. They were at liberty to share any aspects of their experience implementing Prescience™, and learn how other organizations maximized the value of their knowledge solution.

The well-received event gave everyone the opportunity to hear from leading experts on knowledge automation and customer experience, as well as to network informally with others tackling the same issues. We enjoyed gathering such a diverse body of expertise and, of course, hearing many positive things about Transversal. As Lee Beardmore said, "We believe Prescience™ is the right product, with the right direction and the right strategy for Capgemini."

Sharon King-Livesey commented: “Chairing such an important industry event was a privilege. Some of the industry’s most successful practitioners of customer experience were among the speaker line-up and the delegation was made up of some of the most forward-thinking disruptors of knowledge management. Interactive and lively debate all wrapped up into one day of thought leadership.”