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Transversal and Wolseley shortlisted for Digital Leaders Awards

Transversal and Wolseley shortlisted for Digital Leaders Awards

Transversal and Wolseley, the leading UK plumbing and building supplier, are shortlisted for Best Large Enterprise Digital Project at the Digital Technology Leaders Awards.

The awards aim to recognize people and companies that lead in digital innovation, especially those whose work is internal to a project and not always visible to end customers. Areas in which creativity is rewarded include “website design and coding to UX and project management, from scrum masters and product managers, all the way up to the CDO”.

Transversal and Wolseley are shortlisted for a large-scale knowledge transformation project. Transversal built an automated knowledge solution for Wolseley’s contact centres to reduce the effort of answering technical enquiries. Following launch, Wolseley saw its first call resolution rate increase to 98% and its customer satisfaction score rise to 96%. Training times for new agents fell by a third since agents had easier access to knowledge. Most strikingly, Wolseley’s monthly revenue rose by £2 million. Most of this increase was due to greater opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling, as automated knowledge both freed agents from handling repetitive enquiries and enabled them to respond more agilely during customer interactions.

The Wolseley project has been recognized by other technology awards. At the 2017 Engage Awards, it won Best Use of Innovation in Customer Engagement and was a finalist for Best Use of Technology in Customer Engagement, while Alison Goodwin, head of Wolseley’s contact centres, was a finalist for Customer Engagement Professional of the Year. The project was also commended for Innovation in Customer Service at the CCA Awards last year.

Heather Richards, CEO of Transversal, said: “This nomination encapsulates what we do: navigate our clients through their large-scale business transformation projects.  It confirms the success of our partnership with Wolseley and we’re already building on that success”

Winner of the 2018 Digital Technology Leaders Awards will be announced on 4 July, at the May Fair Hotel, London.

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