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Invest in AI knowledge management, says Forrester

Invest in AI knowledge management, says Forrester

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Transversal is offered as an example of a modern, automated knowledge solution in the new Tech Tide™ report by industry analyst Forrester.

In this report, Forrester assesses 20 technologies used to facilitate customer service in the contact centre. Technologies are classed into four groups, according to their business value and the maturity of the technology. Forrester urges businesses to invest with confidence in newer and high-value technologies (including knowledge management), maintain their use of technologies that have both high value and maturity, experiment with new technologies of lower business value, and divest from older technologies that no longer give much value.

Although knowledge management per se isn’t new technology, AI-enhanced knowledge solutions like Transversal’s Prescience™ are transforming its application, giving it, as Forrester says, a “second life”. By automating the retrieval of knowledge, modern knowledge management can underpin newer self-service channels as well as interactions between agents and customers. Its focus is on delivering the right answer at the right time with minimal effort, rather than making users wade through lists of documents.

Forrester advises businesses to invest in knowledge management because efficient delivery of knowledge is “critical to a successful interaction”. The technology already has demonstrable benefits that include reducing overheads and increasing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the analyst says, knowledge management “will quickly evolve” along with advances in AI and automation. The rise of self-service – currently the most popular channel for resolving customer issues – makes a powerful business case for knowledge automation, while the technology’s ability to underpin any other channel or platform ensures the investment will continue to pay dividends into the future.

To read the full report, “The Forrester Tech Tide™: contact center technologies for customer service, Q3 2018”, contact Sharon King-Livesey, Transversal’s Head of Global Marketing, at