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Analyst Esteban Kolsky blogs for Transversal

Analyst Esteban Kolsky blogs for Transversal

Esteban Kolsky, a leading analyst of customer service strategies from ThinkJar, is publishing a blog series in partnership with Transversal. The series focuses on the benefits of augmenting knowledge management with artificial intelligence (AI). Based on discussions with a range of businesses about their experience of implementing digital knowledge, it covers topic including:

  • How AI adds value to knowledge management
  • How AI enhances existing KM operations
  • How, and why, AI-enhanced knowledge automation emerged from traditional KM
  • How to choose the right knowledge solution
  • Key lessons businesses have learned through implementing digital knowledge.

Esteban has also presented his research findings in a white paper which consolidates the content of the blog series.


As a freelance consultant, writer and speaker, Esteban focuses on helping organizations implement customer initiatives that work. He has over twenty years’ experience in the industry. Esteban draws on both research and hands-on observation to identify the principles behind customer success, offering his clients deep insight into what will benefit their business and why.

Transversal has worked with Esteban for several years and is delighted to publish his research which illuminates our own sphere of innovation.

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