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KMWorld names Transversal as a company that matters in knowledge - again

KMWorld names Transversal as a company that matters in knowledge - again

For the fifth year running, Transversal has been named one of KMWorld’s 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management. We join market leaders such as Atlassian, Google, Microsoft and Oracle in a prestigious list.

“The 2019 KMWorld 100 list spans a wide variety of companies that are each addressing the evolving demands of knowledge management,” said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher of KMWorld. “Some are long-standing companies with well-established offerings that have evolved over time, while others are much more recent entrants to the field. In selecting organizations to be included on the list, we consider insights gleaned from our own interactions with companies during interviews and events, how they have succeeded in helping customers solve business problems.

Recent months saw continued success for Transversal. We steered our clients through enterprise-wide, complex business transformations that placed knowledge at the heart of their organization. The subsequent reduction in cost and pressure, and the ROI realized by improving overall efficiency, led to client projects being shortlisted at the CCA Awards, Engage Awards, Digital Leaders Awards, and TechXLR8 Awards. As a specialist consultative knowledge automation solution provider, our commitment to excellence earns us our place in KMWorld’s list alongside world-class companies.

Heather Richards, CEO of Transversal, commented: “We’re delighted to feature in this list. KMWorld’s recognition reflects how firmly Transversal is established in the market and goes  way beyond being just a software vendor.”