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Team Transversal cycles 95km for charity

Team Transversal cycles 95km for charity

Seven cyclists from Transversal spent their Sunday biking from London to Cambridge. Luke Barrett, Carlie Bradshaw, Michael Crosby, Sharon King-Livesey, James Mulroy, Simon Percival and Martyn Riley raised over £250 for Amnesty International on the way.


The team took part in the annual London to Cambridge Bike Ride, held this year on 21st July. This popular event has run for several decades. The ride begins at Pickett’s Lock, north London, and ends 95km (60 miles) later at Cambridge’s Jesus Green, where cyclists are greeted by live music and a welcome massage for tired legs.


Team Transversal dauntlessly tackled the challenges of the course, which included punctures, collisions with road signs, and – most challenging for those who’d trained on the flat lands of Cambridgeshire –plenty of hills. They were even able to render roadside assistance to another downed rider. Sandwiches and the various pubs along the route sustained them when energy flagged.

The team coasted across the finish line after eight hours in the saddle. As the organizer, Transversal web developer James Mulroy, put it: “We had a pretty smooth ride”.