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Accelerate agent performance with every answer

Maximize agent performance with a suite of next-generation knowledge tools that increases the value of your CRM investment. Our knowledge automation solution for agents understands the context and intent of service enquiries, arriving to solutions faster, more accurately and with more confidence than ever before.

Prescience™ for Contact Centre

The intelligent answer for smart customer service

Built for today’s contact centres, Transversal supercharges agent desktops with automated intelligence to eliminate time-consuming research. Prescience™ for Contact Centre is a modern approach to the digital customer service workplace that leverages cognitive technologies to understand customer intent, dynamically anticipate next questions, and empower agents to put the extra into ordinary customer service.

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Prescience embedded in SAP C4C screen desktop
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We have observed direct proof that the use of tools such as semantic search engines tied to well-curated knowledge repositories can accelerate time to answer queries by 80%. A more common change is 20%, and both response times are dramatic. One of the most profound reasons for enterprises to address KM is the impact of fast retrieval of the right information for customer satisfaction. Gartner has seen an average 12% increase in customer satisfaction on post engagement surveys.

Knowledge Management Will Transform CRM Customer Service
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An entirely new way to interact with knowledge

Predictions anticipate what agents need from the moment they begin entering text into a service request form, or by contextually understanding information in a chat or email response. It is very similar to how the human mind works; we begin to process what people are asking us before they have even finished their sentence. This simple but intuitive function eliminates unnecessary research, increases knowledge usage, and naturally reduces the effort for everyday agent tasks.

Up to 28% increase in CSR productivity
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Smart Links

Smart enough to predict the future

We realize customers ask more than one question. In fact, the majority of service experiences naturally require some type of interactive human dialogue and that is hard to imitate with technology. With Smart Links, we are able anticipate additional knowledge articles and closely mimic a person’s ‘train of thought’. In many cases these are questions that customers typically ask next. This provides a truly engaging service experience that dramatically improves first contact closures and minimizes callbacks for follow-up questions.

Up to 18% increase in first contact closures

Flexibility built in

In order to maximize the business value of cognitive knowledge these technologies must be accessible to your agents directly within their CRM desktops, chat tools, or speciality business applications that are used on a daily basis. The Prescience™ API provides direct, programmatic access to all of the Prescience™ capabilities, such as predictions, Memory Engine and Smart Links. This enables our built-in cognitive functions to be integrated directly into any desktop solution, mobile app or third-party application, to deliver mission critical intelligence when and where it is needed. Below are few examples of the technology partners using Transversal to connect people to knowledge.

  • CRM Integration Examples
  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • Enate
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Vivocha
  • Klick2Contact
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Decision Trees

Decision Trees front end interface
Decision Trees admin builder screen

Ask the right questions. Deliver the right answers

Providing intuitive diagnostics to help your workforce consistently troubleshoot customer problems sounds too good to be true. Decision Trees are interactive, step-by-step wizards to guide agents through a series of questions and answers to help them diagnose difficult problems. Graphically design consistent troubleshooting procedures for your agents or model lines of questions to help staff pinpoint what they need. Now you can create the playbook for delivering amazing customer service.

Redefine agent performance without all the old school heavy lifting

Behind every exceptional service experience is a truly great technology enabling incredible things to come together. Prescience™ is Transversal's cognitive technology platform for next-generation knowledge solutions and it is changing the way companies ensure customer loyalty and drive significant revenue for their business.

Unlock the potential of a cognitive contact centre

Understand Anticipate Improve


Understand the intent and context of service inquiries to eliminate time consuming research.

Contact center agent contextual understanding


Anticipate the answers agents need and predict what questions customers might ask next.



Provide agents with intelligent suggestions as they are filling in case information.

Smart Links

Smart Links

Automatically predict related content for what agents might be asked or need next.

Automatic SEO

Automatic SEO

Instantly optimized knowledge. Google, Yahoo or Bing can spider public knowledgebase content.


Improve knowledge through continued use. More intelligent customer service - less administration.

Knowledge Feedback

Knowledge Feedback

Enable agents to rate the effectiveness and quality of important knowledge content.

Knowledge Insight

Knowledge Insight

Get real-time, actionable metrics on knowledge use, trending topics, and quality/content gaps.

Knowledge Admin

Knowledge Admin

Provide complete control from security to content curation to manage the entire knowledge life cycle.

Achieve new levels of agent performance

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reduction in talk time for support centres

Tick icon Tick icon

increase in first contact resolutions

Increase productivity icon Increase productivity icon

increase in CSR productivity

Customer satisfaction icon Customer satisfaction icon

increase in customer satisfaction

Training icon Training icon

reduction in training for new CSR staff

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Now that we have the Transversal solution, it’s much easier for our agents to find information for the customer. Quicker calls, quicker emails. We have taken something like 20% off of our contact ratios.

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Prescience: knowledge of things before they exist or happen; The knowledge platform of the future.

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