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Inspire employee productivity with smarter tools

There is a simple and more efficient way to handle all of your staff-related enquiries. Our knowledge automation solution for employees offers intuitive, self-service features to help you automate the delivery of HR answers, capture organizational expertise and distribute this collective intelligence across your organization. Let them know you care with 24x7 access to HR services, available for any mobile device and any time of day.

Verint KM Pro for HR and the Enterprise

Connect and empower a more productive workforce

Access to accurate, timely HR information allows employees to make faster and better informed decisions. Leveraging the latest in cognitive technologies, our Verint KM Pro for HR and the Enterprise applies human-like intelligence to transform complex, indigestible HR policy documents into effective HR advice. Join the thousands of employees who use Verint Transversal to make their working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

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Keeping employees engaged and motivated with their work is paramount to their productivity as well as to their general satisfaction. Companies are now more than twice as likely as two years ago to be committed to improving access and empowering employees through self-service as a top priority (50% vs 22%). Companies looking to bolster their overall employee experience, which can assist with retaining top employees and appealing to new ones, must rethink their methodology for HR service delivery.

Can you drive employee engagement through self-service?
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Knowledge Automation

We know what your employees mean, not what they type

People have different ways of asking the same question. So how do you ensure important HR information can easily be found? Knowledge automation combines human expertise and cognition to better understand the intent and context behind 'what' HR information people search for. Unlike frustrating keyword search, knowledge automation understands questions and solves problems in the same way humans do. The result is a simpler and smarter way for employees to find important HR knowledge that is 'about' the subject/theme being explored, even if the words in the knowledge article don't match any of the words in their original search query. It is truly a better way to ensure your employees are getting fast, accurate and exceptional HR advice.

Up to 47% faster answers
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Smart Links


Smart enough to predict the future

Employees always have more than one question. With Smart Links, we not only understand the context of the original question - we can even predict what people are likely to ask next in real time. Even simple HR issues can be difficult to resolve with a single enquiry and physically typing questions on tablets and smartphones can be an exhausting experience. With Smart Links, we are able closely mimic a person’s ‘train of thought’ and anticipate what they might ask next. This provides a truly engaging self-service journey that dramatically improves employee success, minimizes typing effort, and provides a unique interactive HR experience.

Up to 40% decrease in HR service escalations

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Device Smart

Optimized for any device

With an increasingly mobile workforce not every employee will have access to a computer, but it is likely most will have a smartphone when they have an HR question. With Device Smart, employees and managers can access HR services on any mobile device and at any time of day. We use responsive design principles to extend knowledge access to tablet and mobile audiences with no additional code or administrative overhead. Device Smart gives you the confidence that your HR delivery looks clean, modern, and professional - providing the highest quality experience on all devices.

Device Smart on a desktop screen
Device Smart on a tablet mobile device
Device Smart on a smartphone mobile device
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Knowledge Insight

Better HR insights. Smarter HR decisions

Knowledge Insight is key to ensuring that critical HR knowledge assets are fit for purpose and serving the needs of managers and their employees. Dashboards provide a graphical view of how often and what types of knowledge employees are using. With Knowledge Insight you have the ability to analyse departmental usage, trending topics and employee feedback/suggestions. This type of detailed analysis helps HR service teams determine where content is missing, respond quickly when search issues become apparent and improve the overall employee experience, because good experiences translate to productive employees.

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Redefine employee productivity without all the old school heavy lifting

Behind every exceptional HR experience is a truly great technology enabling incredible things to come together. Verint KM Pro is Verint Transversal's cognitive technology platform for next-generation knowledge solutions and it is changing the way businesses around the world connect employees to important HR information.

Unlock the potential of cognitive human resources

Understand Anticipate Improve


Understand the intent and context of HR inquiries to eliminate time-consuming research.

Understanding the intent and context on an enquiry is complicated


Anticipate the answers employees need and predict what questions they might ask next.



Anticipate a user's search query from the moment they begin entering text.

Smart Links

Smart Links

Related content is automatically determined to predict what you might ask or need next.

Automatic SEO

Automatic SEO

Instantly optimized knowledge. Google, Yahoo or Bing can spider public knowledgebase content.


Improve knowledge through continued use. More intelligent HR service - less administration.

Knowledge Feedback

Knowledge Feedback

Enable employees to rate the effectiveness and quality of important HR content.

Knowledge Insight

Knowledge Insight

Get real-time, actionable metrics on knowledge use, trending topics, and quality/content gaps.

Knowledge Admin

Knowledge Admin

Provide complete control with content curation and workflow to manage the entire knowledge lifecycle.

Inspire new levels of employee productivity

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reduction in HR service costs

Faster answers icon Faster answers icon

faster HR answers

Increase productivity icon Increase productivity icon

increase in staff productivity

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increase in online HR resolution rates

Reduced escalations icon Reduced escalations icon

decrease in HR service escalations

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HR professionals spend more than a third (36%) of their day on average handling routine calls and emails from employees. These unnecessary communications are draining up to 12 working weeks of HR resources every year. 

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Knowledge Services

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