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Ensure customer success with every self-service experience

Transform the way your customers interact with the next generation of self-service. Our knowledge automation solutions for customers provide a more natural and rewarding way for people to obtain self-service across all channels and devices.

Prescience™ for Self-Service

Transversal goes beyond enabling customers to find answers online. Prescience for Self-Service is a new generation of self-service solution that leverages cognitive technologies to understand human context, anticipate future dialog, and dramatically improve the self-service experience.

Delight your customers with an online experience where the answers find them at their moment of need.

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Organizations will look at ways to reduce the manual overhead of knowledge management. They will explore cognitive engagement solutions — interactive computing systems that use artificial intelligence to collect information, automatically build models of understanding and inference, and communicate in natural ways.

Trends - The Future of Customer Service
Automatic SEO icon

Automatic SEO

Know where your customer's self-service journey begins

Enabling customers to quickly and easily find answers to their own questions is the key to delivering superior online experiences. We developed a way to improve the natural findability of your corporate knowledge and made it so simple, the answers you provide for your customers practically find them. With Automatic SEO, your knowledge is instantly optimized so that Google, Yahoo or Bing can spider your public knowledgebase content, enabling customers to find relevant answers through their favourite search engines. The result is an improved self-service journey for your customers and increased traffic to your website.

Up to 35% increase in support site traffic from SEO
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Smart Links


Anticipate what customers are likely to ask you next

Smart Links understand the context of customer enquiries and predicts what people are likely to ask next in real-time. Even simple problems can be difficult to resolve with a single enquiry and often people will have follow-up questions. The majority of service experiences naturally require some type of interactive human dialogue and that is hard to imitate with technology. With Smart Links, we are able to anticipate additional knowledge articles and closely mimic a person’s ‘train of thought’. This provides a truly engaging self-service journey that dramatically improves customer success and provides a unique interactive experience across all devices.

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Memory Engine™

Understanding the customers' question is half the answer

Searching for answers has never been easier. Our patented Memory Engine™ technology stores and recalls information in the same way the human brain thinks. For example, customers can type “problems with mountain lion” and Prescience for Self-Service will show you the most popular articles related to Mac OSX 10.8 issues, rather than blindly returning anything that contains mountain lions. Our Memory Engine™ technology understands intent and context to determine results that are 'about' the subject/theme being explored, even if the words in the article don't match any of the words in the query. Unlike frustrating keyword search, our Memory Engine™ understands questions and solves problems the way a human does. It’s truly a better way to deliver smarter self-service.

Up to 2X increase in online resolution rates

Over 10 million answers delivered every month

Achieve new levels of customer success

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faster answers

Reduced costs icon Reduced costs icon

reduction in customer support costs

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increase in online resolution rates

Customer satisfaction icon Customer satisfaction icon

increase in customer satisfaction

Reduced escalations icon Reduced escalations icon

decrease in support escalations

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We have all become more digitally aware, but our customer base ranges from expert to novice. Support needed to be delivered online 24/7 as a part of our omni-channel strategy.

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Explore the advantages of our cognitive knowledge offerings

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Prescience™ for Contact Centre

See how Prescience™ improves agent productivity through knowledge automation technologies.

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Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services

Make our experience and passion for knowledge automation your competitive advantage.

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what is Prescience?

Prescience™ Technologies

Prescience: knowledge of things before they exist or happen; The knowledge platform of the future.

Discover the power of Prescience™

How Prescience™ works

Prescience™ works in the same way as humans process knowledge. Built on a mature enterprise-cloud foundation, Prescience™ is engineered to work more intuitively and more naturally to understand, reason and deliver answers extending human expertise. It is designed to be easy to manage and flexible enough to fully integrate into your existing applications. The Prescience™ platform comes with an amazing collection of cognitive knowledge functions that you can use to make CRM applications helpful, HR systems more intuitive and your smartphone apps even smarter.

We have developed the new standard in knowledge automation technologies. There are three core tenets of Prescience™ which together are the keys to unlocking how people access and acquire knowledge. To better appreciate how Prescience™ works you will need to experience how it...

Understands Anticipates Improves


Understands the nuances in how customers ask questions and search for answers.

Human phrase understanding is a complex process


Anticipates the answers your customers need and predict what they might ask next.



Provide customers with intelligent suggestions before they finish typing.

Smart Links

Smart Links

Automatically predicts related content for what customers might ask/need next.

Automatic SEO

Automatic SEO

Instantly optimized knowledge. Google, Yahoo or Bing can spider public knowledgebase content.


Improves knowledge through continued use - more intelligent services, less administration.

Knowledge Feedback

Knowledge Feedback

Enable customers to rate the effectiveness and quality of your knowledge content.

Knowledge Insight

Knowledge Insight

Get real-time, actionable metrics on knowledge use, trending topics, and quality/content gaps.

Knowledge Admin

Knowledge Admin

Gives you complete control from security to content curation to manage the entire knowledge lifecycle.

Transform your business with knowledge automation

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