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Prescience™ Human Resources Adviser data sheet

Like putting your best HR Adviser on the intranet 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

Prescience™ Human Resources Adviser revitalizes your HR intranet portal by giving employees one place to go to "ask a question" and receive immediate conversational answers.

No longer will employees need to search your intranet for policy documents that are challenging to read and difficult to decipher. Our tool is intuitive, contextual, convenient and proactive, allowing you to streamline the process of finding answers, capture organizational insight and expertise and deliver this collective intelligence across your organization.

Empower your staff to reach new levels of productivity, increase employee satisfaction and gain a real competitive advantage with Transversal’s Prescience™ Human Resources Adviser.

Download our data sheet below or visit our Prescience™ Human Resources Adviser product page to learn more about improving employee productivity with our tools.

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