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Here you can find a selection of customer experience-focused Infographics that we've produced, based on industry insight and research conducted both by us, and by third parties, as part of our ongoing efforts to evolve and grow our products.

We hope you find the information valuable. Please feel free to share them with your colleagues.

Telecoms Infographic

Dicover how telecommunications companies are replacing old legacy KM systems with knowledge automation. From a central repository,...

Automotive Infographic

Download to discover how knowledge enables exceptional customer service for premium brands in the automotive industry.

Utilities Infographic

In this short infographic, we discuss how Verint Transversal has supported it’s BPO partner’s contact centre transformation.

Top five reasons why the insurance sector needs knowledge

Insurance customers expect consistent information, everywhere Today’s customers expect organizations to provide consistent access...

HR efficiencies for finance and mutual funds

Empower your staff to reach new levels of productivity, increase employee satisfaction and gain a real competitive advantage. Down...

HR professionals waste a third of their day

How efficient is your HR department? Verint Transversal commissioned research company Vanson Bourne to interview 100 UK-based Huma...

Financial sector customer service departments struggle to connect the dots

Customer service departments in the financial services (FS) sector are failing to resolve, on average, one in every four (25%) cus...

Inconsistent customer experience as FS organizations focus on online staff training

Branch staff receive half the training as online staff As recognition of the importance of customer service continues to grow in t...