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Cognitive technologies: A complete game-changer for knowledge solutions

We can make computers smart enough to win game shows but can they perform the simple task of answering a customer's question?

This one simple task has plagued the customer service industry for over a decade and, according to Accenture, leaves up to $1.6 trillion up for grabs due to consumer loyalty. With the exploding growth of mobile, social and traditional service channels, companies need a fundamental step-change in how they manage knowledge if they are serious about "getting this right". If they don't, the demands of a more dynamic, empowered consumer are putting corporate revenue potential in 'Jeopardy'.

For over a decade, Transversal has been building solutions that automate the process of connecting people to answers. We understand the science behind how humans answer questions, and this has enabled us to pioneer a cognitive technology platform for next-generation knowledge solutions.

In this KMWorld interactive webinar event we show how we have reimagined knowledge for customer service. We also demonstrate how cognitive technologies have allowed us to create self-service experiences that:

  • Understand what people search for.
  • Anticipate what they will need next.
  • Improve through continued use.

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