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Digital Peterborough: local authorities can have it all

As local authorities look to solve pressing financial, productivity, and modernization challenges, leading transformation lights are extending the scale, scope and sophistication of information technology to enable their authorities to meet and beat the challenge head on.

Watch Richard Godfrey, Assistant Director for ICT at Digital Peterborough, in this webinar recording and live Q&A session where he discusses how Peterborough is addressing key challenges through better use of cloud technology solutions.

Richard highlights:

  • The PCC strategy.
  • The tools used to deliver the vision.
  • The deployment plan.
  • The outcomes.
  • Citizen and stakeholder benefits.
  • Financial benefits.

Chaired by Robin Knowles, Digital Leaders Founder, the webinar features a 30 minute presentation followed by a Q&A session.

This event was in partnership with Arcus Global and Transversal.

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