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Key strategies on how to measure, improve and leverage knowledge to achieve world class results

One of the major pitfalls in knowledge investments is the ongoing discipline and practices to improve the ongoing customer experience. Gary Lucas from 1st Central Insurance, who has a wealth of knowledge in the world of digital insurance and customer experience, reveals his key strategies for successfully analysing, improving and distributing knowledge to the right channels and people.

Gary takes a deep dive into the metrics and practices that help him transform customer service strategies and how to use these metrics to make continuous knowledge improvements.

Joining Gary is industry veteran Chris Hall from Transversal. Chris shares insights and best practices around the metrics you might not expect but should plan for in a knowledge project, and provides a sneak peek at one of the future investments Transversal is making to help businesses improve their knowledge insight.

Originally broadcast on 3rd December 11pm PT / 2pm ET.

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