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The number one reason your customers leave

This webinar is not going to reveal any hidden secrets or dark magic behind delivering great customer service. Instead we are going to take a serious look at why companies are so poor at delivering what customers want most.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Identify the #1 frustration customers have with service practices today and why they believe companies can fix this.
  • Reveal the top three reasons companies continue to fail at this critical customer service initiative.
  • Show you next generation cloud-technology knowledge solutions that are finally helping to solve these difficult problems.

Industry veterans Esteban Kolksy from ThinkJar and Chris Hall from Transversal promise to expose what has been plaguing companies for decades and will outline three key initiatives that will fundamentally change your customer service delivery.

Finally, get a sneak peek at some new innovations in knowledge technologies that are a must have for your business.


Moderator: CRMMedia

Speakers: Esteban Kolsky, Thinkjar. Chris Hall, CMO, Transversal.

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