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State of knowledge management – top three trends for 2015

Is your knowledge management program in need of a refresh, or even a total overhaul?

Find out what other companies are doing to transform their business with knowledge, and hear from knowldege management experts about the top trends driving innovation in knowledge management (KM) today.

In this session we give you a sneak peek at the results of TSIA’s 3rd annual Knowledge Management Survey, and discuss key industry trends with a focus on the role of technology in boosting KM success.

Trends include:

  • Consolidating knowledge platforms.
  • Rewarding/incentivizing employees for knowledge KPIs.
  • Building executive support for knowledge programmes. 

Watch now to get the latest on what is trending in KM and learn how next generation cognitive technologies can be a complete game-changer for how we manage knowledge in the future.

Presented by John Ragsdale, VP Research, Technology and Social - TSIA and Chris Hall, Chief Marketing Officer – Transversal.

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