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Enterprise-grade knowledge reimagined. Behind every exceptional customer experience is a truly great technology enabling incredible things to come together. Prescience™ is Transversal's revolutionary technology platform and it is changing the possibilities for enterprises around connecting people to vital business knowledge. Experience the most secure, reliable and trusted enterprise knowledge platform delivered via the cloud.

Knowledge redefined

We believe there is a more innovative way for people to find, share and manage knowledge. Using modern technologies to naturally to extend human expertise and cognition we have created smarter, simpler and more powerful knowledge automation solutions.

Prescience™ is Transversal's knowledge automation technology platform for next-generation knowledge, and it underpins all of our next-generation solutions.


Cognitive technologies have helped us to redefine knowledge solutions. We bring together traditional knowledge sharing tools with advanced computing intelligence. This powerful combination, which we call knowledge automation, is a more natural and effective way for businesses to connect people to knowledge.

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What is Prescience™?

The world's most advanced knowledge automation platform.

Prescience™ is Transversal's knowledge automation platform for next-generation knowledge. Powered by advanced computing technologies, Prescience™ enables people and machines to interact more naturally to extend human expertise and cognition. Find out more about the most secure, reliable and trusted enterprise knowledge platform delivered via the cloud.

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Security and compliance

The confidentiality, integrity and security of our customers' information is vital to their business operations as well as our own success. We are ISO 27001 certified and incorporate stringent security policies, custom quality control procedures and a full audit trail as standard. We give you the ability to define where knowledgebase articles can be viewed (public, intranet, departmental or private). Our multi-layered approach also provides customizable user roles so you can define what your users can and cannot do, along with departmental content management allowing knowledge articles to be managed at the group/department level.

ISO27001 certified

Transversal’s cognitive knowledge solutions powered by Prescience™

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Prescience™ for Contact Centre

See how Prescience can improve agent performance through knowledge automation technologies.

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Prescience™ for Self-Service

Learn how Prescience can ensure customer success with knowledge automation technologies.

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Prescience™ for HR and the Enterprise

Understand how Prescience can improve employee productivity using knowledge automation technologies.

Explore Prescience for HR and the Enterprise

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