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Knowledge redefined

The knowledge platform of the future.

Knowledge is power. Understanding how to harness this power is genius

For over two decades we have been trying to unlock the collective knowledge within our organizations. And every year we create massive amounts of information for people to share.  Our problem isn’t a lack of information. Most people can not consume, understand or even find half the information that is available to them today. We believe Albert Einstein figured the problem out long ago; “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Cognitive technologies have helped us to redefine knowledge solutions. We bring together traditional knowledge sharing tools with advanced computing intelligence to deliver Einstein’s missing piece - human experience. This powerful combination, which we call cognitive knowledge, is a more natural and effective way for businesses to connect people to knowledge.

Unlock knowledge
Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein

Digital information meets digital experience, knowledge totally redefined

Unstructured content
Structured data
Social conversations



Formal training
Autonomous repetition
Applied learning

A whole new dimension for knowledge technologies. Smarter, simpler, more powerful

Cognitive knowledge mimics human thought processes and models expertise to answer questions accurately and consistently. This involves complex mathematical algorithms, conceptual modeling and semantic processing in a manner that replicates how the human brain works to provide a contextual understanding and solve problems. This cognitive approach enables a new generation of 'digital advisers' that provide fast, accurate and effective advice to ensure customer success, fuel agent performance and maximize employee productivity.

Man designing workflow on a whiteboard Real call center

Next-generation cognitive knowledge revealed


Cognitive knowledge utilizes conceptual modelling to understand the meaning of words in different contexts to determine the intent of the request. The result is a search technology that delivers truly accurate responses.


Cognitive knowledge maps its conceptual models of queries and phrases to evaluate relationships in the knowledgebase. Complex mathematical algorithms are then used to rank all possible results providing a greater level of confidence with each answer.


Cognitive knowledge presents answers to people before they even think to ask/search for them. Automatic suggestions are generated by using the current context, semantic understanding and aggregated user journey analysis to automatically predict needs. As a result solutions are smarter and even more helpful.


Cognitive knowledge applies a human-like approach to solution delivery. The context of the query along with automatic suggestions are leveraged to produce a more intelligent and natural experience. This new level of intelligence solves problems faster, more accurately, and with a greater level of confidence.


Cognitive knowledge ensures answers are always the right answers. Powerful analytics and real-time monitoring tools combined with effective feedback mechanisms provide deeper insight and ensure businesses are up to date and more responsive.

Strategic advantages of cognitive knowledge

We believe there is a more innovative way for people to find, share and manage knowledge. Using modern technologies to naturally extend human expertise and cognition we have created smarter, simpler and more powerful cognitive knowledge solutions.

Traditional knowledge is...

Maze icon

Impossible to find

People want answers. The traditional text matching approach for KM search and retrieval has proven to be ineffective and frustrating for consumers.

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Difficult to obtain

Information is never where you need it. Access to knowledge is not integrated into the user journey and is a reactive process rather than a proactive delivery.

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Hard to manage

Corporate knowledge does not have to be programmed to be useful. Companies can no longer afford the manual overhead of traditional knowledge solutions.

Cognitive knowledge...

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Truly understands

We know what people mean, not what they type. Our cognitive solution leverages machine intelligence to determine true intent and deliver exceptional answer accuracy.

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Anticipates answers

We have a sense of what people are going to ask, provide instant contextual intelligence and create deeper personal engagements by predicting their next questions.

Improvement icon

Learns and improves

We apply cognitive technologies to cluster, link and automatically refine knowledge through continued use. By monitoring digital sources we help turn insights into action.

The knowledge platform of the future - Verint KM Pro

Behind every exceptional customer experience is a truly great technology enabling incredible things to come together. Verint KM Pro is Verint Transversal's cognitive technology platform for next-generation knowledge and it is changing the way businesses around the world:

  • Understand the nuances in how people ask questions  and search for answers.
  • Anticipate the answers people need and predict what they might ask you next.
  • Improve knowledge through continued use. More automation with less administration.
Developers sharing code

Smarter people, much smarter business

A new generation of cognitive knowledge solutions has arrived bringing you refinements at every level. Self-service is more intuitive, mission critical apps are more intelligent and managing knowledge has never been easier. Discover how to run, grow and transform your business with cognitive knowledge.

customer self-service advisor

Smarter customers

Cognitive knowledge provides a more natural and rewarding way for customers to find answers to their questions online.

Verint KM Pro for Self-service
Contact center agent on telephone

Smarter agents

Contact centre agents are using cognitive knowledge to pinpoint answers faster and eliminate callbacks.

Verint KM Pro for Contact Centre
Human resources advisor

Smarter employees

Cognitive knowledge is helping businesses connect and empower a smarter, more productive workforce.

Verint KM Pro for Human Resources

Transform your business with knowledge automation

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