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What is Prescience™?

Learn more about the technology that forms the foundation all of our products - Prescience™

The world's most advanced knowledge automation platform

The word prescience comes from the Latin word praescientia, which means 'fore-knowledge' — or knowledge you know before anyone else. Don't assume it's a crystal ball kind of power that lets someone with prescience see the future. It's more like a state of mind or level of expertise that allows for excellent foresight and planning.


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What is Prescience™?

Behind every exceptional digital experience is a truly great technology enabling incredible things to come together. Prescience™ is Transversal's cognitive technology platform for next-generation knowledge.

Powered by advanced computing technologies, Prescience™ enables people and machines to interact more naturally to extend human expertise and cognition. Prescience™ provides the flexibility and enterprise-grade infrastructure businesses need to rapidly deploy smarter solutions.

Experience the most secure, reliable and trusted enterprise knowledge platform delivered via the cloud.

What is Prescience™

How Prescience™ works

Prescience™ works in the same way as humans process knowledge. Built on a mature enterprise-cloud foundation, Prescience™ is engineered to work more intuitively and more naturally to understand, reason and deliver answers extending human expertise. It is designed to be easy to manage and flexible enough to fully integrate into your existing applications. The Prescience™ platform comes with an amazing collection of cognitive knowledge functions that you can use to make CRM applications helpful, HR systems more intuitive and your smartphone apps even smarter.

We have developed the new standard in cognitive knowledge technologies. There are three core tenets of Prescience™ which together are the keys to unlocking how people access and acquire knowledge. To better appreciate how Prescience™ works you will need to experience how it…

Understands Anticipates Improves


the nuances in how people ask questions and search for answers.

Like our brains, Prescience™ disambiguates words and concepts based on context.  It does this using advanced mathematics underpinned by an extensive body of linguistic data.

Similar to human experience, Prescience™ understands the correct meaning of search terms, even if they are phrased in different ways.

Prescience™ analyses content semantically to determine its contextual relevance to a user's request, pinpointing solutions more accurately than non-cognitive approaches.


the answers people need and predict what they might ask next.

Prescience™ is both proactive and predictive, making inferences based on its conceptual understanding of the knowledgebase to deliver useful information when and where people need it.

Similar to human memories, Prescience™ clusters related concepts and recalls this knowledge to anticipate information that a person is likely to need or ask next. By predicting next-questions, Prescience™ mimics a person’s train of thought - answering questions before they’re even asked.

Prescience™ is able to apply its conceptual understanding to analyse real-time data streams, such as email correspondence and social media feeds to anticipate emerging trends. 


knowledge through continued use. More automation with less administration.

Prescience™ exploits implicit and explicit knowledge improvements to eliminate administrative heavy lifting. Instead of building taxonomies or requiring specialized learning, Prescience™ automatically builds models of conceptual understanding and continuously refines these models through prolonged use and administration.

Prescience™ provides insight into search accuracy, usage patterns and knowledge gaps to enable administrators to improve content through the entire knowledge lifecycle and ensure information is always fit for purpose.

By monitoring real-time digital sources, Prescience™ uncovers emerging trends as they happen. This improves the responsiveness of knowledge workers, enabling them to avert potential issues before they disrupt your business.

Automatic SEO icon

Automatic SEO

So easy the answer practically finds you

Enabling customers to quickly and easily find answers to their own questions is the key to delivering superior online experiences. Prescience™ improves the natural findability of your corporate knowledge and makes it so simple, the answers you provide for your customers practically find them. With Automatic SEO, your knowledge is instantly optimized so that Google, Yahoo or Bing can spider your public knowledgebase content, enabling customers to find relevant answers through their favourite search engines. The result is an improved self-service journey for your customers and increased traffic to your website.

Up to 35% increase in site traffic from SEO
Memory Engine icon

Memory Engine™

We know what you mean, not just what you type

Searching for answers has never been easier. Our out of the box patented Memory Engine™ technology understands the intent and context to determine results that are 'about' the subject/theme being explored, even if the words in the article don't match any of the words in the query. Unlike frustrating keyword search, our Memory Engine™ understands questions and solves problems the way a human does. Fused with machine learning, our search technology continues to self-improve based on behavioural patterns. It’s truly a better way to deliver fast accurate answers.

Up to 4X faster answers
Predictions icon



It's almost like we read your mind

Predictions anticipate a user's search query from the moment they begin entering text, conceptually refining the results as they continue to type. It is very similar to how the human mind works; we begin to process what people are asking us much faster than they can ever finish their sentence. This simple but intuitive function helps with search terms that are hard to spell, increases self-service success, minimizes typing and naturally reduces the human effort for a very simple but necessary task. Predictions can self-learn too, to anticipate search queries even faster for better results.

Up to 5 seconds saved for every search
Decision Trees icon

Decision Trees

Decision Trees front end interface
Decision Trees admin builder screen

Good decisions. Smarter options

Providing an intuitive navigation system to help people make better and faster decisions sounds too good to be true. Decision Trees create interactive, step-by-step wizards to guide people through a series of questions and answers to help them diagnose difficult problems. Design troubleshooting procedures for your agents or model online questions that customers can interact with to help them pinpoint what they need. Now you can define the process behind delivering great experiences.

Smart Links icon

Smart Links


Anticipating what you will need next

Finding answers has never been more intuitive. With Smart Links related content is automatically determined to predict what you might ask or need next. Prescience predicts likely next questions based on their conceptual similarity to the initial enquiry to closely mimic a person’s 'train of thought'. This reduces effort and minimizes typing, which is particularly important on mobile devices. Because they are dynamically generated, Smart Links eliminate the administrative overhead of manually linking related questions and articles. The result is a truly interactive experience delivering better answers for every interaction with half the effort.

Zero administration needed
Device Smart icon

Device Smart

Optimized for any device

Device Smart uses responsive design principles to extend knowledge access to tablet and mobile audiences. All text, graphics and menu navigation dynamically respond to provide the optimal viewing experience for any device or browser with no additional code or administrative overhead. Device Smart provides you with the confidence that your knowledge delivery looks clean, modern, and professional providing the highest quality experience on all devices.

Responsive iPlayer article on desktop
iPlayer responsive layout tablet
iPlayer responsive layout smartphone
Knowledge Feedback icon

Knowledge Feedback

Improve your game

Knowledge Feedback encourages people to rate the quality and effectiveness of your knowledge, whether it’s feedback on a specific article or a suggestion for something new.

Flexible feedback mechanisms ensure the right level of participation and information is always captured. Feedback alerts are then distributed to the correct person within the organization, allowing them to take immediate action. The result is a knowledgebase that continually improves with feedback from the people who rely on it most.

Knowledge Insight icon

Knowledge Insight

Better insight. Smarter decisions

Knowledge Insight is key to ensuring that business critical assets are fit for purpose and serve the needs of business analysts and end users.

Dashboards provide a graphical view of current performance, knowledge use, and search results. 

With Knowledge Insight you have the ability to analyse session behaviour, trending topics and quality/content gaps. This type of detailed analysis helps knowledge teams determine where content is missing, respond quickly when search issues become apparent and improve the overall experience, because good experiences translate to better business.

Desktop device showing Knowledge Insight admin analytics report
Knowledge Admin icon

Knowledge Admin

Clearly a better way to optimize knowledge

With Prescience™ Knowledge Admin, it’s easy to create, organize, and do just about everything you need to manage the entire knowledge life cycle. You can control what, where, when and by whom mission critical information is published and accessed. A comprehensive combination of user administration, multi-level workflow and version control tools guarantees effective governance. Knowledge Admin provides the flexibility and human-grade functionality businesses need to successfully connect people to knowledge.

Knowledge admin lets you author, edit, and manage all sorts of multimedia knowledge.

With knowledge admin you easily assign people, establish dates and control the entire publication process.

Knowledge admin has built-in workflow to establish approvals for content updates and language translations.

Create Assign Approve
Central Knowledge

Central Knowledge

Sharing and segregating knowledge enterprise-wide

Multinational enterprises must keep knowledge consistent across the business and, at the same time, provide content tailored to different subsidiaries. Central Knowledge from Prescience™ is a solution for managing multinational knowledge in which content is both shared and segregated. In a single action, a central knowledgebase can distribute content relevant across the organization to multiple subsidiary knowledgebases.

Central Knowledge Icon blue

Prescience™ API - Flexibility built in

In order to maximize the business value of cognitive knowledge, these technologies must be accessible to people from corporate websites, line-of-business applications and mobile apps that are used on a daily basis. The Prescience™ API provides direct, programmatic access to all of the Prescience™ capabilities, such as predictions, Memory Engine and Smart Links. This enables our built-in cognitive functions to be integrated directly into any organization’s website, mobile app or third-party application, to deliver mission critical intelligence when and where it is needed.

Below are few examples of the many customers and technology partners using the Prescience™ API to connect people to knowledge.

  • APIs
  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Vivocha
  • Klick2Contact
  • Facebook
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal


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